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The Eco Museum Osashima Center was created by restoring the building Atelier 3 More. Wood carver Bikky Sunazawa(1931-1989) used this building, which used to be Osashima Elementary school, as a base for his creative activities from 1978 until his death in 1989.


Osashima is a village at the foot of a mountain in the Hokkaido University Nakagawa Experimental Forest. It is isolated by the Teshio River flowing in front of it and is of historical interest. Bikky carved the large-scale works that he would be famous for within these beautiful woods that change from season to season, amid the magnificent bends of the Teshio River and on this land of abundant blessings.This center displays the works and correspondence of Bikky collected by the village of Otoineppu.

At the same time, we want the centerー as a living, hands-on facility ー to expand the future possibilities of the village.

Eco Museum Osashima Center

"BIKKY Aterier 3More"



Monomanai 55, Otoineppu


Open・9:3016:30 Closed on Mondays.

Period・4 /2610 /31 Closed on winter.

Entrance free・300 yen.

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